[How about eating sweet potatoes every day]_Recommended diet

[How about eating sweet potatoes every day]_Recommended diet

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and contain carotene that can be converted into vitamin A, which has a great effect on maintaining stable and normal vision.

In addition, if you are troubled by constipation, you can eat more sweet potatoes, because the overlapping cellulose of sweet potatoes can accelerate the internal peristalsis and have a good laxative effect; if you are losing weight, sweet potatoes are also one of the alternatives for breakfast.Because sweet potato has a high starch content and satiety, it can be used as breakfast or dinner for people who lose weight, but its conversion is much less than that of rice. Don’t be afraid of the aunt. Women also have a very good use of sweet potatoes.Sweet potato’s “deoxyepiandrosterone” is effective against free radicals.

Of course, it is also useful for men, because it is also a high-quality substance against colon cancer; diabetic patients don’t have to worry about staying away because of the sweet taste of sweet potatoes. The cellulose in sweet potatoes can also reduce the absorption of sugar.

So sweet potatoes can be eaten every day.

But sweet potatoes must be cooked thoroughly before consumption, because high temperature can rupture the most difficult to digest the cell membrane of sweet potatoes, reducing the adverse reactions that may occur when eating.

Sweet potatoes have good starch content and a lot of sugar, so they can be eaten with some porridge when they are eaten.

Also, it is best not to eat sweet potatoes with persimmons, because some of the constituents will cause precipitation, cause stomach diseases, and even bleeding or ulcers.

Like potatoes, sweet potatoes tend to germinate under the right temperature and humidity.

Potatoes cannot be eaten after they have sprouted, and will produce toxic substances.

Then sweet potatoes are not the same as potatoes after they germinate. They will not become toxic. You can eat them by cutting off the germinated parts, but if you find spots on the outside of sweet potatoes, you cannot eat them.

Sweet potatoes should not be stored for a long time after purchase, it is recommended to cook them as soon as possible.